A tale of stone and wood

DSCF3769“In simplicity is the finest taste”
Auguste Rodin

This worldly wisdom of the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin most accurately fits the architectural expression of the self-made construction genius of the humble builders from Kovachevitsa. The simplicity elevated to perfection in the architecture assembly as a whole and its magnificent details is the most noteworthy merit of the unique style of the construction and architecture school of Kovachevitsa. It would be difficult to find elsewhere such an impeccable architecture synthesis between the natural environment and the building miracle created by human hand. We can only be grateful today for the existence of this tale of stone and wood in which the complete splendor of local spirit, diligence and talent of the Renaissance Kovachevitsa are entwined.

Viewed from a historical perspective the architectural look of the village prior to the arrival of the settlers from Debar, Kichevo and Tetovo regions in 1791 was almost wiped out. The new professional intervention of the talented master-builders in the overall architectural structure was so strong that it acquired gradually almost all the architectural spaces in order to leave a masterpiece of a unique stylish unity to our modernity.

Source: Society “Historical and Architectural Reserve Kovachevitsa”

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